It is natural to sweat a lot when you workout. After all, sweating is your body’s way of maintaining your internal temperature when you are working out. Most people are full of sweat once they finish their work out and they usually work out in special workout clothes that need to be washed and dried just like all the other apparel. However, washing and cleaning workout clothes using a product similar to what is found on the No Sweat sports wash website is different from washing sweaters or other types of fabric.

One of the reasons is that these workout clothes take a beating from the body which means more care is needed to wash these clothes as compared to the tees, socks and jeans. When you are working out in these clothes, these clothes are absorbing all the oils, dead skin cells and other such things that come of the body while exercising. In simple terms, it means that these clothes are dirtier as compared to the other clothes you wear and therefore, these clothes need special care to make sure that they retain their colors and other properties after several wash cycles.

While it is true that the workout clothes are comparatively expensive as compared to the other types of fabrics available in the market, many people falsely assume that this expensive fabric is also sturdier when it comes to using standard detergents and fabric softeners for washing these clothes. In fact, the truth is that the commonly used detergents with pleasant fragrances and fabric softeners are extremely bad for your workout clothes, especially the expensive fabrics that make the workout clothes supportive and stretchy. Therefore, it is important that you use special detergents that are also called sport wash detergents to wash your workout clothes.

One of the ways to make sure that your workout clothes keep looking like new is to take proper care of these clothes. If you wash your workout apparel with the rest of the laundry, it can break down the fabric and clog up the fibers while wrecking the antimicrobial properties of the fabric. Here is a brief guide on how to take proper care of your gear.

First of all, it is important that you get your stinky workout clothes out of the gym bag as soon as possible. You may take them out and place them on the side of the hampers for air drying, but it is better to put them into the wash as soon as possible. In case you choose to leave your workout clothes in the gym bag, the garments will begin to deteriorate much quicker as compared to when they are washed quickly after use.

You have the choice to machine wash your workout clothes in cold water or hand wash them. It is extremely important to hand wash workout clothes in case the tag on the gear mentions ‘hand wash’. This is to make sure that the treatment applied to the fabric remains intact. You should carefully follow the care instructions mentioned on the apparel label.

When it comes to detergents, it is extremely important that you opt for sports wash detergent. These detergents are completely free of dyes and fragrances. It is important that you do not use fabric softener as the softeners tend to clog the fibers of your expensive workout fabrics which limit the ability of the fabric to fight odors and wick sweat. The sport wash detergents are specifically formulated for washing sports fabric and using these detergents can help in enhancing the life of your workout clothes.

Another important thing you need to keep in mind is that the antimicrobial coating of the fabric may wear off after around 50 washes. The smell fighting powers of the workout clothes are due to the antimicrobial coating applied to the fabric, and it is usually good for around 50 washes. Similarly, the ultraviolet protection factor finish on the fibers lasts for around two years with normal wear and tear. Once the UPF finish has worn off, it is time to throw out your UPF wear.

Overall, it is important to use sport wash detergents that are completely free of dyes and perfumes. Some of the products claim to be free of perfumes but instead, these products use dyes known as fluorescent whitening agents. On the other hand, the sport wash detergents are completely free of any dyes or perfumes which mean your workout clothes will keep looking like new for a long period.